Saturday, 11 January 2014

Llarowe Haul

I've still been painting my nails but they've been in a bit of a state due to breaks.  I'm pretty sure that changing my polish as often as I had been was making them weaker so I'm trying to cut down on the number of changes; every other day AT THE MOST.

I've had some trouble with my camera battery charger so I haven't got a good archive of my progress other than a few pictures on my phone which are better than nothing.  Anyhoo...

I placed an order with with on December 21st which arrived early this morning.  I ordered one stamping plate and nine bottles of polish in total.  I could have ordered more but I like to spend no more than about $100 if I'm using an international website that I haven't used before, fretting till the day of delivery.  A few quick pics of the polish below.

First off is the Esmaletes da Kelly in Elenice, Ines and Fabiana.  These bottles are teeny tiny at 8ml but feel so nice in my hand that I fell in love with them.  I haven't tried any either to wear or on swatch sticks (still in the post) but they're so cute they can't fail to impress right?  Right???

Next up is the Arcane Lacquer in Funhouse and Modern Trimmings.  I fell in love with Modern Trimmings when I saw it being reviewed by Lab Muffin and it's probably a big part of the reason for me using Llarowe in the first place since it was the only website I could find that had it in stock and shipped to the UK.

And finally the rest which are CrowsToes Shoot The Butterfly, piCture pOlish Moody Blues, Ruby Wing Electric Firefly (ordered for novelty value) and Color Club Sugar Rays.

I'm pretty excited about getting to finally try these out and I'll definitely be happy using Llarowe again.  The shipping took a little while (3 weeks) however I was expecting that and my items were very well packaged so no complaints.

And now to catch up with the posts on bloglovin' which I've not had a chance to keep up with during the last week or so.  Nearly 500 posts is a little daunting.

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