Sunday, 22 December 2013

Beginner's Brocade

I first remember seeing brocade nails in this post by Amanda N and I fell in love.  I ordered both the Essie Sable Collar and now the Color Club Sugar Rays just so I could try a similar look.  While I wait for the Sugar Rays to arrive I decided to search out some brocade images when I came across the wrapping paper below.

I suppose it's a bit garish but I liked it so I thought why not?  This is my stab at it...

I started with a base of Revlon Cupid which was not the easiest to apply for me.  It did that weird thing where first coat is easy and subsequent coats are a pain.  Perhaps I don't allow enough drying time between coats?  Anyhoo, on top of that I used clingfilm to add the darker Barry M Shocking Pink which I think looked really nice with the paler pink of the Cupid.  Finally I stamped on a pattern form the Cheeky Jumbo Plate 8 Princess Charming using L'Oreal Sublime Platine.  I think the L'Oreal worked really well for stamping but wasn't so fond of the clean-up  around the edges of my nail because I couldn't seem to get rid of the shimmer of silver 100%, though  it seems okay now.

It's still a little full on for all my nails but I'm not taking it off because I really REALLY like it so those whose eyes find it hard to deal with will have to look away :D

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