Tuesday, 17 December 2013

Seasonal Colours

This was what I had on before my Santa and Elves. They look battered but this was after a day or two of getting my hands bashed about at work so I'm not overly concerned although I'll try to be better about my application and clean up in future.  That may or may not be a lie.

The white is Zoya Purity which I found to be a little bit weird.  The first coat goes on thin and streaky which I'm learning is the nature of white polish but the second coat is hard to apply thinly.  I'll try again as it might be my technique but it definitely felt like something weird was going on.

The green is Zoya Holly.  When I first saw it in the bottle after delivery (I mostly order online) I was a little disappointed but something happens when you put it on and I'm glad I used it because it's lovely.

The red is Butter London Knees Up and the gold is 2Mad Striperz Gold Shimmer.

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