Tuesday, 12 November 2013


My flatmate saw these two box sets of Revlon in Costco and picked them up as he knows about my burgeoning nail polish addiction.  Well done that man!  Each set was a little over £11 which is pretty bloody good for ten bottles if you ask me.  And the kicker... One of the sets contains the colour Royal which I've been pining after and thought I'd not be able to buy.

There are duplicates across the two boxes but still well worth buying.  Shades included were:
Black Star 880
Cupid 120
Electric 305
Espresso 840
Fire 510
Golden 830 (x2)
Grape 660
Hazy 810
Ignite 400
Jelly 210
Metallic 860 (x2)
Mistletoe 350
Poppy 420
Royal 730
Spice It Up 552
Varnished 360
Vintage 570 (x2)

I also got these goodies in the mail which was unexpected as http://www.opiuk.com/ had warned of a delay due to them having a busy period.  Still took less than a week to arrive so I'm happy.

I only bought the Black Shatter because it's on sale for £2, it's not really an effect I like that much if I'm honest.

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