Friday, 15 November 2013

Ruddy Bubbling Blue

Yesterday evening I dedided to try the Essie - Aruba Blue that I'd been lovingly admiring in the bottle for the last few days.  The only thing that stopped me putting it on the minute the postman dropped it off was the certain knowledge that it could only disappoint me.  The colour wouldn't be so rich, it would be too streaky to bother wearing or maybe it would stink like a festering sewer but yesterday I decided to give it a bash.  I was so wrong, everything about it was great!  I have mastered (almost) the art of making a cup of tea without ruining wet nails which I can then sit with while my nails dry fully.  As I sat down I noticed I'd gotten something on my nail "NOOO!" but it'd be okay I'd just redo it.  But wait, I'd messed up another?!?  Bubbles?!?

I've read a LOT about applying polish in the last couple of months and though gutted that I'd have to start again I was fairly confident I could beat this.  I would start from scratch, make sure each of my two coats of colour were fully dry before moving onto the next step and just to be sure I'd try a different base coat... In fact I used TWO different base coats the second time round, one on each hand.  I applied the colour as thinly as I could as I'd read that would be the most likely culprit, the solvent in the bottom of the thick layer getting trapped in the semi dry surface area.  After much faffing around I looked down proudly at my nails and yes all was well with the world but some time later IT HAPPENED AGAIN!  MORE CHUFFING BUBBLES!  I don't know the cause and although it's not hugely obvious till you get up close it bothers me quite a bit and it's sucked all the love out of this polish for me.

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