Saturday, 9 November 2013

My Early Attempts Part 3

My final catch up post so I'll soon be able to check my phone without feeling guilty when I see the picture icon.

A England - Briarwood
OPI - Matte Top Coat
Additionally used Andrea Fulerton Nail Gems

I REALLY enjoyed how my nails looked in this get up. I don't think it's TOO fussy and the matte looked really great with this shade.  I'm not sure how obvious it is but I tried to cover a ripped nail on my index finger with a stick on.  I wouldn't have bothered but it was so low down that I couldn't have cut the others to match.

This was my first gradient and while it didn't look brilliant I'm sure it looked better in person. I hope so anyway! I can't remember what polish I used other than one was black and one was red.

OPI - Blue My Mind
OPI - Dining Al Frisco

This looks a bit naff I think but at least I got to practice my gradient technique a bit more and I used those snowflake stickers for the first time.  They're really cute but they are like an impervious shield to nail polish remover, a problem that should be solved now that I'm thinking about ordering some snowflake stamping plates.

This is a bit OTT but I wore it with pride nonetheless.  I liked that all the nails were different.  Something to try again once I have a decent set of nails which are all the same length and shape!

Now this is my first Halloween manicure.  I used printing plates by Cheeky which I ordered from Amazon.  They took FOREVER to arrive from Hong Kong and while I'm glad I got them the stress of not knowing if I'd been ripped off means I'll likely not do that again.  The background I stamped onto was a cling film technique I've seen online in a couple of tutorials and which I fell in love with.  I have more to waffle on about but this is just a catch up so I'll save it for another time.

Having got a bit tired of the garishness of my first Halloween manicure I tried something a little less bright.  I drew the eyes, nose and mouth on my orange finger with a Black Barry M Nail Art Pen.  The tombstone nail was the cling film technique again but this time in grey.  The eyes were done with a dotting tool.

Right!  I think that's me almost caught up for now.  I hope that over time I see an improvement in the condition of my hands and nails although subjecting them to remover every day likely isn't helping.  That said, I'm making sure to use oil and cream to give them a fighting chance.

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